About Us


Allama For A Cause  was creatively established in the midst of founder Allama Arrington who discovered having living with Fibrocystic Breast Disease. With years of treatment, leading to costly medical bills, there was no cure in sight. It was at that time, Allamaforacause was thus founded. Her mission was to educate the community  about the importance of the disease and how affects generations of women from all of walks of life.

Allamaforacause provides an avenue to educate the community as well as contribute to the upliftment of underserved members living in the inner city of Los Angeles. Giving back has always served as a huge part of Allama's desire to inspire the youth.


Allama For A Cause is an Entrepreneurial Program designed to educate and empower youth interested in exploring the fashion industry. Young men and women are provided with a hands on experience into the fashion business within a boutique setting. This innovative program offers various services which include job training, introduction to modeling, social media interaction, healthy nutrition lifestyle, and self-empowerment. This space also serves as an educational realm in order to provide more information about breast cancer awareness and other issues.